About Us

African AIDS Angels is a volunteer group based in Victoria British Columbia which currently supports projects in two countries of southern Africa. Local volunteers make small cloth angels by hand, and these angels are exchanged for donations. We also receive direct cash donations from groups and individuals. Ninety-five percent of funds raised are sent directly to  support children and families seriously affected by HIV/AIDS.

The projects we support have personal connections with our volunteers in Victoria B.C. Someone in Victoria knows someone in each project in Africa, and there is regular communication.

We encourage like-minded groups in other cities to make angels to raise funds for AIDS-related projects that they may know of, or preferably to channel the funds through us to our projects in Zambia and South Africa.

We recognize that our own efforts in the face of this catastrophe are modest but we hope that the AIDS Angel idea spreads so that people in other communities can lighten the load of those affected by HIV/AIDS.

History of African AIDS Angels

The group began in 2000 after some Canadians from Victoria and Ottawa attended the international AIDS conference in South Africa. They had a first-hand opportunity to see the needs and make contact with groups on the ground. They came up with the idea of exchanging dolls for donations in Canada. 

In the first year Victoria raised $900, but by 2020 through the generosity of volunteers the total sent to southern Africa had reached $670,000

In the past, other groups started their own angel-making programs in support of African AIDS Angels as far afield as Nova Scotia and California. A newspaper article about AIDS Angels in 2006 brought wide publicity in the Vancouver Island region, and some very active volunteers started groups in Qualicum Beach, Pender Island, Roberts Creek, and elsewhere. There are still active groups in Vancouver, Roberts Creek and Powell River. We publish a manual with all the details needed to get started.

There is huge enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute. Volunteers often comment that they like being able to combine the activity of making angels with doing work that benefits children and women in Africa. They also appreciate the fact that we have personal connections and frequent communication with the projects we support.