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Obtaining Angels Online

We offer angels by mail in Canada and the U.S. in exchange for donations.

The following are illustrative of the angels that you will receive. As handmade items, your angels will vary because the cloth and jewellery that we use is donated.  Minimum order is 3 angels.


Length is approximately 6 inches, and width about 5 inches. A metal loop for hanging is attached.

Each angel has a card attached which says:

"Your angel has been given a traditional African name in honour of a child who has been affected by AIDS."


   Hagos                    Joy
      Jahi                        Dignity
   Makena                Happy One
     Sibusiso                    Blessing
       Ndidi                    Patience     
        Kagiso                        Peace        

Minimum order of 3. The donations listed below include shipping and handling (by regular post)
  • 3                     37.00
  • 4                     47.00
  • 5                     57.00
Instructions for ordering:

1. Click on the Donate button below. PayPal, a secure site which accepts VISA, Mastercard, and American Express will open in a separate window

2 . Page 1 of Paypal: put the dollar amount of your order (Donation), click Update Total, and fill out your credit card information.
3. On the second page of the PayPal entry, click on the line which says:
                + Add special instructions to the seller.

In this box, specify your order: For Example --- Ordering 5 angels
You must write in this box, or we will assume you are making a straight cash donation.

If you want the angels shipped to an address (in U.S. or Canada) other than the one for your credit card, type this information in the same box - it expands.

For more than 5 angels or for locations other than U.S. or Canada, please send an email. to the gmail account below