How to Get Involved

Making and Obtaining Angels

Almost anyone can make angels. Scraps of cloth, ribbons, leftover beads or costume jewelry can be used to make beautiful and unique ornaments. People are eager to donate materials. This keeps the costs low so that net funds raised are sent directly to African projects.

Materials for heads and bodies - a craft clothes peg and round ball - are obtained at craft stores or dollar stores.

If you are not part of a group but would like to join an
angel-making session in Victoria, please contact Marcia Thompson at

Each angel is given the traditional African name of a child who has been affected by AIDS. The names are translated into English on tags. Angels can be used as decorations or gifts at any time of year. 

Angels are exchanged for a donation of $10.00 or more, and have been available at church bazaars, shopping malls and school sales. Special events such as teas are useful for fund-raising.

Some shops volunteer to carry a small rack of angels and pass on the entire amount to our projects. For a list of stores that carry angels in the Greater Victoria area and other locations, click Where to obtain angels.