Out-of-town Groups

Groups of people are making AIDS Angels in several cities and towns, mostly in British Columbia but also elsewhere. People in these locations have indicated they are open to new participants:

Pender Island
Powell River.

If you live there, please email us for contact information.

Group Profiles



The Chemainus group is made up of a few friends who started getting together to plan an Angel making group in October 2012. The initial connection to African Aids Angels came  when one of the group members was invited to attend Angel making with her sister-in-law in Victoria.

The group scoured Thrift Shops, begged from friends and relatives, and contacted businesses for donations of materials. Duncan Tailors, H.A.M. Upholstery and Gary Interiors have been very generous with providing fabric and trims. The Victoria organizers provided us with the angel bodies/heads, and boxes of trim etc. It is like Christmas when we get more supplies. Serious angel-making started in January 2013.

 The G.I.F.T. shop in Duncan is currently our only sales outlet, but we are looking into getting an outlet in Chemainus, and are hoping to have a booth at the ArtBeat markets on Fridays in Chemainus through the summer. The group meets at a member’s home about every two weeks, on an irregular basis

Saltspring Island Seeds for Malawi

(This group in winding down in 2012.)  "Salt Spring Island Seeds for Malawi", a project of the Garden Club, raises funds year-round for the African AIDS Angels project in Malawi by selling quality, interesting plants well-potted in a sterile commercial mix. Volunteers propagate shrubs, vines, perennials, grasses, native plants, and bulbs. Request a list of our extensive inventory by contacting susanevans@telus.net. Plants can be purchased at any time of the year by appointment. Plant sales occur from time to time at public events. 

Pender Island

"As a result of dreams and other life circumstances, Mary (a Pender resident) became inspired to do something about her concern for suffering in Africa. She happened-upon the AAA website, and could see that this grassroots organization would be the right vehicle for action within her home community.
In collaboration with Leslie, a dinner was organized in Nov. 2005. 20 people came to Leslie’s home, and she and others cooked traditional African foods. Mary spoke about the situation in Africa, and told stories about the daily lives of the women and children, interspersed with musical contributions from family members and friends.
This simple effort raised $500.00 and planted at least one lasting seed of inspiration. Rosemary stepped forward to help start an angel-making group, which she has tended faithfully ever since, each month. Since our inception, we have raised approximately $3,600. The group (which varies from 4 to 6 folks) gathers to make angels most months except July and August, stockpiling for the big-selling seasons of summer and Christmas. Supplies have been kindly supplied by the people in Victoria. Good news is that we now have a Pender resident, Stan, who is gluing the bodies, and he lives across the road from where the angels are made."


The Parksville/Qualicum group initially began making African AIDS Angels in May, 2006 as a social justice action project with the KAIROS organization. Towards the end of 2011 that initial group transformed into a smaller autonomous group.
Beginning in January, 2012 the new Qualicum Beach/Parksville group meets on Monday afternoons in a Qualicum Beach home to create African AIDS Angels.  We use donated material and accessories from various local businesses and local residents as well as out-of-town interested parties.  Because of these many donations and because of discounted fees for any required services by local businesses, our operating costs are kept to a minimum allowing us to remit approximately 97% of funds raised. 
Currently, our angels are for sale at one of our local florist shops and we also arrange to participate at local events by displaying our angels for sale.  We are also raising funds through the receipt of special orders from local residents and from out of province supporters to provide our angels for their special events and celebrations.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

From Judy Starritt: "In August 2008, we visited Toronto and attended an interesting yard sale run by Jo Tudor and a friend. In one box, I saw the cutest angels made from wooden clothes pegs and asked her how much it would be. She apologized and said that she had inadvertently included them, since she normally gives them to her massage therapy clients as gifts. She explained that a group including her mother in Qualicum Beach, BC  makes them and the proceeds of $5 or more go to African Aids relief.

On returning to Nova Scotia I found the AAAngel website and was impressed with the work they were doing.  By email Jo invited me to drop in when I was next in Toronto. When that happened she  gave me an angel that was clasping a clip-on earring. She said her mom’s group were making African Aids 'warriors' and wondered if I ever come across clip-on earrings that look like shields. She asked the right person!

In 2007, my sister-in-law, Sylvia Almas, died. Upon her passing, we shared many of her 3000 pairs of earrings with family and friends but had no idea what we were going to do with the rest. Jo gave us her mom’s phone number and two weeks later after many excited phone calls, I sent seven pounds of Sylvia’s earrings to Qualicum Beach.

In the meantime, I became quite excited about getting involved myself with AAAngels. I went onto the Ottawa website and noticed that they were selling angels through a boutique here in Halifax.  Upon asking about the AAAngels, the owner explained that her mother, Lorna Kingston was arriving that day from Ottawa with 100 angels for her store and I met them three days later for an inspiring visit.

In February 09, we visited British Columbia and I met with Mary and Larry Bomford in Victoria. Larry gave me a detailed demonstration of how to prepare the angel bodies for dressing and Mary guided me through the practical aspects of starting a group of my own. Then it was off to Qualicum Beach.

What a thrill it was for me to meet my "sister group" at Betty’s home and to see the wonderful angels they have made, many of which were holding one of Sylvia’s earrings. [A picture of a warrior angel is above and in the Angel Gallery.] Their enthusiasm was contagious and their friendship inspiring.

Back in Nova Scotia, after ordering the body and heads and following “Larry’s method” of preparing bodies, I visited my mom in Yarmouth and we dressed our first angels. She now meets with two other ladies and they have produced about 75 angels. I have started a group with two women as well and we have made another 120, many using Sylvia’s earrings. It is now the end of May: we have received donations for over 115 angels and our first cheque for $500 has been sent to Victoria.  Two businesses have shown their support, allowing angels to be displayed in their stores. Others are sharing in our enthusiasm for such a great cause."

Judy continues to contribute significant amounts of money, and has inspired a church and others to become involved.

Please send a description of your out-of-town group.

Out-of-town groups: See below for African AIDS Angels' template letter for contacting shops

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