Schools & Youth - Program Description

For the past 10 years, African AIDS Angels volunteers have given presentations and hosted angel-making workshops with local elementary, middle, and secondary school classrooms. Our slideshow presentations provide information on African AIDS Angels, and the broader need to help African families and orphans impacted by HIV/AIDS. The angel-making workshops allow students to "get crafty," and have fun while learning and contributing to an important humanitarian cause. 

To date, our African AIDS Angels volunteers have hosted dozens of angel-making workshops with youth groups and classrooms in Victoria, BC, and around the world, including:
  • Manitoba, Canada
  • Ontario, Canada
  • South Korea

About the Workshops

All craft supplies are provided for workshops, with a minimum donation of $3 per foam angel and $6 per peg angelYounger classes use pre-cut foam angel templates, which can be decorated with markers and snips of colourful fabric. Older classes make our traditional angels (using a hot glue gun), which use pre-made clothes-peg bodies, pre-cut fabric dresses and shawls, and are decorated with jewellery accents. Please see our online Gallery for crafting ideas and inspiration for your angels!

We offer presentations in a variety of formats and languages (pending volunteer availability):

  • Traditional Power Point presentations and Prezi presentations (a more engaging form of Power Point; requires an Internet connection)
  • Presentations in English and French for all ages (pre-school, elementary, middle, and secondary)
  • Presentations in Spanish for middle and secondary classes

Thinking of this activity for your classroom or youth group? To schedule a workshop or simply learn more about this initiative, please contact:

Marcia Thompson, AAA’s Chair of Youth Engagement at