Gallery & Quality Advice

Here is a Gallery of Angels created by volunteers. Click on the title or photo below to view more angels and ideas.

Once you are in the Gallery, click on a photo to enlarge it. It's important for angel-makers to read the captions below some photos, especially the two concerning Name Tags.

Angel Gallery

Quality Control

We appreciate the tremendous contributions of volunteers who make angels for fund-raising. We welcome contributions from many people who enjoy being creative.

At the same time we have guidelines on Quality Control. In order to offer angels in exchange for donations, we have standards for acceptance. If angels are submitted which do not meet the guidelines, more work is created for other volunteers who sort the angels and attempt to repair them. A few extra minutes on an angel in the construction stage can save a lot of time for others down the road. Please check the diagram below.

Guidelines: Overall Appearance

• no glue in sight
• angel looks finished
• angel will stand up to handling
• cape glued at neck and bottom in back
• hold angel upright to check that all intended parts are properly attached and seams are closed
• ask yourself: Do you think a friend would give a donation for this angel?